Container Dimensions

Container Dimensions

In view of the client’s needs, sea freight holders come in different measurements and details. The most commonly known ocean cargo compartment is 20 ‘ standard holder, 40 ‘ standard compartment and 40 ‘ HC. Be that as it may, we can accommodate our clients with the full range of ocean freight holders 45′ HC, Reefer, Open Top, Flat Rack, Platform, Tank Containers and so on.

It would be perfect if you take note of the fact that we are complying with the state and government weight impediment while moving the holder of the ocean cargo.
Suggested maximum Street Weight Limit for Cargo Holders is 38,500 lbs for every 20′ and 42,000 lbs for every 40’ in the US and Canada.

If there is not too much trouble, refer to the measurement and functionality of the ocean cargo holders in the compartment measurement graph on the following section.

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